Pasadena Showcase Design Selection - Garage Envy 2012

Garage Envy Inc. will transform the guest cottage garage into a Connoisseur’s Retreat. The finished product will leave the space a far cry from its current benign state. The retreat will include a tile and wood inlay floor giving the room an exquisite ambiance. The walls will be adorned with custom wood cabinetry and metal handles. Equipped with leather surfaces, the affluent hobbiest can feel comfortable working within the space. The design will compliment the Moorish design of the home.

A connoisseur’s space would not be complete without a fine collection of vices. The space will include fine spirits, glassware and storage. A custom cigar humidor will be located within our cabinetry, housing fine cigars and tobacco. Wine and spirits will be kept in under-cabinet appliances. Poker will be the game of choice, played on a custom poker table that will sit on French oak wine barrels showcased in the center of the room.

Hand built display cases will house the automobile memorabilia from the connoisseur’s private collection as well as antique auto parts. Auto inspired sitting bench will allow those who enter the retreat to sit back and take off their driving shoes and gloves and slip into their smoking jacket.

Mirrors will line the space to amplify the feeling of the rather small garage, providing depth and bouncing light. Light fixtures will be very unique, some built from reused scotch and bourbon bottles. Finally the exposed walls will be finished with faux painting and fine artwork.