Garage Organization Ideas - Custom Garage Makeover

You are probably just like the other thousands of American homeowners who are desperately in need of a garage makeover. Let’s face it, you have this great space attached to your house– essentially an additional room– that is being wasted because it is totally disorganized and full of junk.

Most people do not even consider using their garages as a functional living space because the mess has gotten so bad that they do not even know where to begin the organizing process.

So you have a choice…. you keep on living in your home with the guilt that you are wasting a perfectly usable space or find a garage makeover expert to:

  • Make space that can be used for working on you car.
  • Put in an entertainment or game room for adults and kids alike.
  • Create the workshop you’ve always wanted.

You can actually do something so get started on that garage makeover today!

Even if you do not want to use your garage space for anything, just having it looking neat and organized will help clear your mind and make you feel more in control and comfortable in your home– nobody likes clutter!

Here are some ideas for garage makeovers that will change the way you look and feel about your garage:

  • Customized Garage Media Center
  • Garage Storage and Organization Fanatics
  • Garage Fitness Center
  • Home Garage Mechanic

Make Way for a Better Garage

The first step to any garage makeover is getting your garage as empty and clean as possible. It can be a long a tedious process, but you’ll feel better when the job is done.

This means getting rid of all the accumulated junk and trash. You know, all the ”knick-knacks” and giving your garage a cleansing overhaul. The cleaning stage is the where the garage makeover is made. If done properly, it can open up your garage space to endless possibilities for fun in all forms of personal use.

Your Neighborhood Garage Entertainment Center

When people think about garages, they would never think that they could make a great space for entertaining guests. On the contrary, with a simple garage makeover you can turn your garage into the neighborhood hotspot for you and your friends! With all that newly organized, wide-open space the possibilities are endless with a garage makeover– carpet, couches, a big screen TV… Imagine how impressed your friends will be when you invite them over for the next big sporting event, a movie night, or for wine, cheese and appetizers…in your garage!

Create Your Garage Fitness Center

Gym memberships can be costly, and even if you can afford it, they go to waste most of the time because no one has the time in their busy lives to go back and forth from the gym every day. Bring the gym to you with a fitness-oriented garage makeover!

Garages are the perfect space to add a workout room to your house. You’ve always wanted to get in shape, but you can’t sacrifice the room in your house– with your garage everything is possible. You can tailor your home gym to fit your exercise needs because you will have plenty of space to do so in your garage. No more listening to your public gym’s crappy music, having to use your iPod, or watching whatever junk they put on TV. In your garage gym you can add a premium sound system and even a big screen TV so that you control every aspect of your workout! Do something healthy for your body, mind and spirit and start that garage makeover, and get the dream garage gym you have always wanted.

Auto Repair Center in Your Own Garage

You love cars, but you never have had the space to work on them…until now! A garage makeover can give you a great space not only to work on cars but to show them off to your friends. Imagine taking the space that was once filled with junk and replacing it with all the top of the line tools and machines that you could possibly need to work on your cars. Your friends will be so jealous when they come over and see that you have managed to turn your garage space into your own personal auto maintenance and body shop. Your garage could be every car fanatic’s dream come true and it all starts with a simple garage makeover.

Garage Organization and Storage Makeover

You have so many clothes and shoes that they are simply overflowing out of the closet in your room. You have so many fashion treasures but no way of organizing them or putting them on display. The garage can be the perfect location for storing and organizing your wardrobe.

The garage is often the biggest room in the house, and can easily be turned into your dream walk-in closet. Feel like a celebrity every time you walk into your new closet to get dressed. Go ahead, start your garage makeover today!