Innovative Garage Remodeling - Garage Renovations

In the past, homeowners utilized their garage to keep their vehicle safe from inclement weather, kids playing baseball, and birds. Occasionally, if there was enough room, do-it-yourself auto repairs might be possible. To accommodate the passionate home-mechanic, garage remodeling ideas might have included some shelving units and a large toolbox but nothing extraordinary was ever considered.

These days, however, home garages are utilized for much more than a sanctuary from the elements and a safe haven from our flocking feathered friends. Today, creative garage remodeling ideas are including distinctive cabinets and shelving units that easily rival a contemporary kitchen. To be sure, garages are being renovated in amazingly creative ways.

Creative Garage Remodeling Ideas

Complete with comfortable, climate-controlled heating and air conditioning, creative garage remodeling ideas often result in a space resembling a super deluxe artist loft, one you might find in Manhattan’s SoHo district. With modern furniture and a wine cooler, some modern garages hardly resemble the original look and feel. A few popular garage remodeling ideas include:

  • A magnificent man-cave environment complete with dignified, fashionable furniture, a large TV, an extraordinary entertainment center, and a well-stocked wet bar.
  • If you’re into exercise and healthful body sculpting, your garage makeover could include all your exercise equipment in a comfortable, climate-controlled workout environment. Invite a few friends to join you in a workout group and share your awesome space. The experience and enjoyment of camaraderie with friends and eager group participation will more than justify your garage makeover expenses. Add some large windows looking out into your backyard and you can enjoy the outdoors as you benefit from your workout.
  • For the more cerebral or artistically inclined, a garage makeover might mean a quiet place for introspective reflection, meditation, reading, writing, or painting. You can bask in meditative solitude with aroma-therapy candles, soothing music, soft lighting and a glass of wine. Your spirit will soar and your Feng shui will be off-the-charts. The effect of your own personalized retreat will transform your state of mind and spiritual energy, and possibly rejuvenate and inspire you to face the day.

Garage Storage Space is Always Desired

One of the most popular considerations included a total garage makeover project is garage storage and organization products. Most families accumulate an incredible amount of ‘stuff’ over the years. It happens gradually and without fanfare. One year you’re looking at ample elbow room, the next year you’re looking at an excessive amount of toys, spare parts, unfinished projects, and a serious collection of comic books, vinyl records, or Barbie dolls. Oops! It’s now time to re-evaluate your garage space. It’s time to consider hiring a creative garage remodeling expert.

Add Some Garage Shelving and Cabinets

Practical garage remodeling ideas aren’t limited to a few wooden shelves that Uncle Willy throws together in the corner. Spectacular, durable cabinets and shelving units are available that will transform your boring garage into a unique storage area in which to keep your cherished collectibles clean, safe, and organized. With simple, imaginative changes, you’ll convert your blah garage into a strikingly delightful, exceptionally effective garage storage system.

Garage Organization - Reorganize, Reconfigure, and Relocate

You probably have a difficult time getting started organizing. Creative garage remodeling ideas and products will help you organize your precious possessions better. The items might be seasonal articles like clothing or home decorations. Or, they could be cherished collectibles, family mementos, or items you’re saving to sell via online auction websites.Utilizing our garage remodeling products will make it easy to relocate Christmas decorations, lawn and garden equipment and sporting goods to a reorganized and reconfigured garage space that will accommodate items more needing more frequent access.

Create the Your Ultimate Pit Stop Area in Your Garage

Lest we forget, the sophisticated car buff can transform his humdrum garage space into his personal Indy 500 pit area. An avid car buff can create an area to effectively organize and store tools, replacement parts, an extra engine, and even a car or two. Your garage remodel will undoubtedly incorporate all the bells and whistles including a wet bar, stereo system, and a computer. And well it should; a serious car buff requires one area for working, one area for relaxing, and one for entertaining and proudly displaying his beloved cars.

Creative Garage Remodeling Ideas Increase Your Property Value

Garage remodeling ideas not only redefine the garage space, they increase property value. A creatively decked-out garage provides a valuable highlight to the property’s appeal and potential. Potential buyers see potential benefits; the male sees his own space; the female sees storage space; and the seller ultimately sees the value of showcasing the creative use of garage space.Regardless of which garage remodeling ideas you finally decide upon, be assured that our garage design specialists have tons of garage remodeling ideas. Stunning cabinets, stylish furniture, evocative artwork, and exceptional entertainment units are all possibilities for your dream garage makeover. Let your imagination run free and you’ll develop your own garage remodeling ideas to complement your hobbies, your lifestyle, your artistic talents, or your inner child.