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Going green has been a popular topic in recent years, and most people are familiar with the term. But how much do we really know about what it takes to

6 Ways to Improve Your Garage in 2016

With a new year come a new slate of resolutions–naturally. According to some statistics, 40% to 45% of all Americans make a new year’s resolution. The goal of many: improvement.

3 Great Garage Painting Ideas

Knowing you want to upgrade the look of your garage is step 1, step 2 and beyond is how to go about it. One of the major choices to make

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The home garage is where you park your car, store your stuff, and, for some, it is a retreat; a place to workout or relax. Home garages have become a

How to Get Your Dream Garage On a Budget

Homeowners are proud of their homes, and a home includes a garage. Lots of times garages can become neglected because many of us don’t want to invest a ton of

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As the cold, wet weather approaches, finding the best way to safely store your bicycle becomes a priority. If you have a garage, storing your bicycle or bicycles there is

Here’s the Safety Gear You Need for Your Garage Workshop

It seems that more and more people are converting garages into multi-faceted spaces, such as workshops. Along with fitting your garage workshop will all the proper gear, like workbenches, racks,

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Spring is here and we all know what the means for our homes: spring cleaning! Home organization is something that causes stress year round. One survey even shows that worrying

Holiday Decorations: 3 Ways to Improve Your Storage System

There’s nothing quite like a house that’s been painstakingly decorated for the holidays. Coming home to a lovingly decorated house can lift your spirits and help get you in the

3 Factors to Weigh When Storing Your Classic Car for the Winter

A classic car is more than just a vehicle. It can be a great hobby, if you enjoy restoring and maintaining the car yourself. Classic cars can also be great