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It seems that more and more people are converting garages into multi-faceted spaces, such as workshops. Along with fitting your garage workshop will all the proper gear, like workbenches, racks,

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Spring is here and we all know what the means for our homes: spring cleaning! Home organization is something that causes stress year round. One survey even shows that worrying

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Lighting is a design element that we take for granted because of its frequent use. However, upgrading lighting can completely improve the atmosphere of interior spaces. One study has shown

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Cleaning, reorganizing and reinvigorating our homes is something common in mind as we begin to transition towards the spring months. But is it worth it to reinvigorate your garage by

5 Fast Facts About Garage Envy’s WallScape™ Slatwall System

Garage Envy is known for having amazing garage storage solutions, but this is truly the MVP. It is your one stop shop to end classic garage clutter and completely reinvigorate

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Lots of us like to use our garages as extensions of our homes and living areas. This means lots of us have appliances in our garages, including refrigerators. Just like

Cleaning Out Your Garage? Make Sure You Plan Your Attack First

80% of home clutter is a result of disorganization and not a lack of space. A garage is certainly no exception to this, as many of us use our garages

3 Great Takeaways from Celebrity Garages

Let’s face it, the world is fascinated by celebrities and things celebrities have. People considered to have fame are approximately 1 in 10,000 of the English speaking population, making them