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What to Do with a Dented Garage Door

Posted by Mike Hammond on Thu, May 30, 2019 @ 10:48 AM

Many homeowners use their garage doors as the primary entry to the house, and in that way, a garage door isn’t that much different than the front door. However, in other important ways, garage doors are very different than other house doors, and not just because they’re so much bigger. 

A garage door is at considerably more risk for damage than other house doors due to their proximity to cars, bikes, and other moving objects that could end up hitting the door. Whether it’s from the family car or a basketball bouncing in the driveway, a dent in the garage door can be a problem. Take a look at what you need to know about dealing with a dent in your garage door. 

What Material Is the Door Made From?Metal with a large dent.

The first thing that you have to consider when looking at a dent in your garage door is what kind of material the garage door is made from. Many garage doors are made from steel or aluminum, and if your door is one of them, you may be in luck. You may be able to fix small dents with your own DIY skills.

However, if you have a wood or fiberglass garage door, it can be a lot harder to get rid of even small dents and dings. This is especially true in the case of a wooden door that has been gouged or shows signs of splintering. You will need a professional to fix those dents. 

How Big Is the Dent? 

It’s important to note that large dents should be approached with caution, even in steel or aluminum doors. An impact that causes a serious large or deep dent may also have damaged the door frame, especially if the dent occurs close to the side of the door. 

You should check to be sure that the frame looks straight and undamaged and that the garage door still opens and closes easily before attempting to fix the garage door. If the frame is damaged, or if you can no longer raise or lower the garage door, you probably need professional garage door repair. 

DIY Dent Repair

Repaired garage door.

Small dents are easier to fix than you might think, and you probably have most of the necessary tools in your home or garage. Start by filling a bucket with soap and water and cleaning the dented area thoroughly. Before you proceed, make sure that you also dry the area completely. 

Measure enough heavy-duty aluminum foil to cover the area and extend past the dent on both sides. Lay the foil flush against the dent to keep it in place. Take a lighter and move the flame over the dented area, taking care to heat the entire area. Then remove the foil, grab a can of air, and hold it upside down. Spray the heated and dented air with the upside-down can. This release carbon dioxide, which is cold. The interaction between the cold air and the heat from the lighter will cause the dent to disappear within a couple of minutes. However, if you’re working on a large dent, you may need to do the treatment more than once. 

Keeping your garage door in good shape helps keep your home looking nice and also keeps your garage door functional. For more useful garage repair information,  schedule your free design consultation today!

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