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The 4 Most Important Facts about Garage Floor Coatings

Posted by Mary Johnson on Wed, Jul 10, 2019 @ 09:29 AM

Your garage floor puts up with more wear and tear than you might know. Not only do you drive in and out of the garage on a daily basis, but the garage floor is also exposed to moisture, spills, leaks, dirt, and debris. Not to mention that it’s exposed to potentially extreme temperature changes as the seasons change.

Concrete garage floors can stain, crack, and crumble if they’re not protected. Garage floor coatings can provide necessary protection for your garage floor, and they provide other benefits as well. Take a look at some important facts about garage floor coatings that you should know. 

Improved LooksPouring paint from one can into another.

A concrete garage floor usually isn’t much to look at. For some people, the look of the garage floor isn’t important, but if you plan on doing more with the garage than just parking your car in there, then it might be important for you to have an attractive floor. 

A garage doesn’t have to just be car storage. You can use it for a workshop, a studio, or even turn it into a place to lounge and relax. If you want to use your garage for living space or working space, you may want to coat the garage floor to make sure that it looks like a place where you want to spend time. There are a variety of coating options that can give your garage floor almost any look that you like. 

Easier Maintenance

Concrete can be difficult to clean up. Dirt and debris can get ground into the material by your car tires and can be hard to remove. 

However, a garage floor coating seals the floor and makes it less porous. All you need is a broom and you can sweep away dirt and debris without any lasting stains or marks. Coatings like epoxy are commonly used in commercial spaces because they make the floor easy to clean, and they’ll work just as well in your home garage. 

Water and Oil Resistance

If you choose a coating with water and oil resistance, you can also stop worrying about stains from spills or leaks in your car. Garage floors are often exposed to oil leaks and other types of liquid spills that leave lasting stains when they soak into the concrete. With a coating that has water and oil resistance, you can just mop up leaks and spills. 

Longer Life

Garage floor with a large chip.

In addition to protecting your floor from various dirt, debris, and liquids, it also lengthens the lifespan of your garage floor. A strong garage floor coating, like epoxy, prevents the concrete from cracking or crumbling as it ages. This means that your floor will last longer and won’t need to be repaired or replaced as soon as an uncoated floor would. 

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