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Designing Your NEOS Cabinet Storage System

Posted by Mary Johnson on Mon, Feb 10, 2014 @ 01:02 PM

 neos cabinet storage system

If you are looking for a garage storage system that combines the storage and access capabilities of your kitchen with durability and longevity, the NEOS system is the perfect option.
The NEOS storage system combines custom storage capabilities with ease of use and the strength necessary to hold your heaviest garage tools. Once you’ve decided to use the NEOS cabinet storage system it’s time to consider the many options available. Here’s how we suggest making your own NEOS blueprint.

Be Meticulous with your Measuring

To start with you need the measurements of your garage. Be sure to include areas you’ll need to build around such as your vehicles, bicycles, or bars.
As you are measuring write down each measurement in a notebook or on your blueprint, you’ll need these numbers later on in the process.

Choosing NEOS Features

Next you’ll need to know what options you have and what features exist. We’ve put together a list on the NEOS system section of our site you can look there for an in-depth understanding of what you can choose from or start out by reviewing the list below:

•    Tool box
•    Flat screen mounting system
•    Perforated wall panels for in-wall speakers
•    Wide variety of super durable and functional storage cabinets
•    Hanging devices for the cabinets and garage wall
•    Electric heater module
•    Sink module
•    Fridge module
•    Hose reel cabinet
•    Painted steel or stainless steel work surfaces
•    In wall kegerator
•    IPod Docking Station
•    Specialized Lighting Options
•    Wall modules such as racks shelving etc

We suggest taking a look at the above list and choosing the options you’d like to include in your blueprint. When you’ve completed your wants list, start drawing in some of the features, counters, and cabinets you’d like to see in your garage.

Here are some of the NEOS Cabinet Options:

•    Floor to ceiling cabinets with shelving
•    Under counter and above head cupboards
•    Cabinets with pull-out shelving
•    Drawers- deep and shallow (for tools)
•    Islands with underneath storage- Movable or stationary

As you draw your dream garage in the blueprint be sure to include any notes for items you do not see indicated on our website. NEOS is widely known to be a solution that is catered to your wants and there are very few restrictions, so if you think a feature is feasible include it in your plans.

Once your plans closely match the ideal outcome, it’s time to consider to pick any color ideas you’d like to include. Simply add color notes to your blueprint. NEOS can be done in Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, Stainless Steel and more.

Get A NEOS Cabinet System Quote

The first draft of your blueprint probably has some scribbles on it so we recommend rewriting it to make it clear for a consultant to give you a quote. Please make sure your final draft has the most accurate measurements for any tools you’ll want in certain storage areas, the length of your wall, and the height from ceiling to floor.

The more meticulous your measurements are, the less likely you are to get a surprise during installation about changes that need to be made for proper installation.

To receive your quote you can send us your information on our contact page. We will respond and you can send an email or upload your blueprint to get it to us. The resulting quote will be a range depending on the detail used in your notes.

Upon delivery of your quote we will work with you to set up a time for a consult to discuss your ideas, your timeline for installation (if you are ready) and your budget for the project.

Any Questions?

In the meantime if you have any questions, please let us know. We will answer them as quickly as possible. We look forward to answering any thoughts or comments you have on this post as well, simply respond below.

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