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Choices in Wall Storage Cabinets

Posted by Mary Johnson on Sun, Mar 17, 2013 @ 04:21 PM

This year the selection of indoor storage cabinets is better than ever! That’s because creative organization solutions are topping the 2013 home design trend lists. And the styles and finishes from traditional to ultra-modern are as varied as your imagination. Not only does adding built in storage around your home make your life easier and less stressful for today, built-ins add character and dollars to the resale value of your home later down the line. Here are some creative organizing ideas for all around the house:

Kitchen Conundrum?

Storage issues in the kitchen can make the joy of cooking seem like a chore. Free up counter space bystorage help for the kitchen combines both cabinets and shelving containing the clutter in kitchen cabinets designed to maximize every inch of usable space. Choose from cabinets equipped with built-in spice racks, lazy susan-style organizers, pull out pantries, small appliance garage cabinets, the list goes on. If you’re short on cabinet space in a larger kitchen, add an island for additional storage below and counter space up top.

Bathroom Sinking?

Don’t drown in a ton of toiletries and a bevy of beauty appliances. Even the smallest bath can be big on organization with the addition of bathroom cabinetry. Often times the builder overlooked prime locations for storage like an over the toilet linen closet, a corner cabinet for beauty aids or a mirrored medicine cabinet.

Questionable Closets?

Who knew closets could be so smart? Now you can customize a closet to your specific needs. Shelves and smart closing closets can help preserve space in any home that uses special clothing cabinetshanging rods place all your clothes within easy reach. Add a dressing room island for additional fold-up clothes storage and valuable counter space. Corner shelves stand ready to maximize space for all your accessories. And creative solutions such as roll-out baskets, belt and tie racks, retractable mirrors and shoe cubbies and racks turn a once cluttered closet into a dressing room retreat.

 Offensive Home Office?

Take a stand against the most cluttered room in your home. A built in desk and wall cabinet unit allows you toStorage Envy can supply a full range of shelving and cabinets to create a unique office space sit comfortably at your computer, while creatively concealing messy stacks of paperwork, housing printer within easy reach and organizing office supplies. Short on guest space? Turn your home office into a guest room with a unique wall desk unit that transform into a comfy twin bed.

Laundry Quandary?

some simple cabinet and shelving ideas can help create a space saving laundry areaDoing laundry can be a breeze with the addition of custom laundry organization. These handy, multi-purpose systems can be designed around any washer and dryer configuration. Select from features such as built-in hampers and ironing boards, baskets for sorting, and adjustable shelves and racks to organize all your laundry paraphernalia.

Missing Mudroom?

How about a mudroom locker cabinet so each family member (especially the kids) has a place to store their stuff right when they walk in the door. It can provide hooks for coats and backpacks, door storage for sporting equipment, a bench to sit on and store shoes, even a place to charge cell phones.  A jumbled mess, once landing on your floor, can now be efficiently organized. Even if you don’t have a dedicated space, you can easily turn an entry hall into an organized mudroom.

Media Room Mediation?

Comfortable seating, monolithic TV screen and a remote aren’t all you need to make your media roomcreative shelving and cabinets help create a space saving storage option for home media centers magnificent. Add custom cabinetry to house all your audio/video equipment, CDs  and DVDs. And don’t forget microwave counter space for the popcorn, under mount fridge for the beverages and drawer space for the movie-style candy.

Gym Shocks?

Who knew you could get into shape without leaving the house! Believe it or not, you can transform an extra room in your home to your own personal gym. Additional custom cabinetry can help organize weights, Pilates equipment, jump ropes and more. 

Not sure where to begin on your road to “a place for everything and everything in its place”? Seek the aid of a professional storage designer. With indoor storage cabinets they can maximize and customize to your particular needs in every room in your home.

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