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Posted by Mike Hammond on Sun, Jan 06, 2013 @ 06:39 PM

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Where to Start Your Garage Organization Project?

It often happens that a garage is used as a dumping place, to keep stuff in a place and out of your home. Even when you go shopping, you may simply unload the stuff in the garage, planning to get to it later, but bags and cartons simply pile up on the floor.

With sports gear, cycles, gardening stuff and more, your garage may be used more as a place to store things rather than as a parking space for your car. If you opt for a garage storage solution, you make optimum use of your garage space and make it a well organized storage area with ample space for all your miscellaneous stuff that has no place in the house.

You should have a rough idea of how much space your garage actually covers and how much you need for your car or cars.

  • What is the height of your garage? High garages offer a great deal of ceiling space to store a lot of stuff that is needed only seasonally or at times.
  • Wall space? Never underestimate how much stuff you can actually put on the walls, off the floor and quite easily too, using the many organizational tools at your disposal.
  • How how much clutter you have? What can you put away in wall and ceiling space and what needs to be handier and more easily accessible?

While there are many web sites that can help you do-it-yourself (DIY), you can always seek the services of garage storage solution specialists who will provide a design plan and installation services for any cabinets and storage solutions that you require.

Cabinets are an Ideal Garage Storage Solution

Just as you have cabinets in your kitchen and your bathroom, you can also use cabinets in your garage. You can get a vast range of cabinets of different heights and sizes to fit the garage space that you have. Among the kinds of cabinets are

  1. Floor Models – Free standing floor models which can go flush against the wall are versatile and offer instant storage. If you buy sets that are stackable, you can get more as your need for storage increases. When put together, floor models also offer counter space for work or just to unload things. You can also get ones with adjustable shelves so you can store tall items in them.
  2. Drawer cabinets - Cabinets with small or large drawers are versatile as you can store items as diverse as clothes, shoes, bags, project work, hobby stuff and even canned and packaged food items.  While drawers are great because they make things easily accessible, you need to have the space to pull them out.
  3. Wall mounted cabinets – If you are faced with shortage of floor space, then you can mount cabinets on the wall. You can get cabinets of various sizes and designs, of the height that you want. If you have limited door opening space, you can even get sliding doors. You can even mount cabinets on the wall at a height, if you have shortage of floor space.

More Garage Organization Options

In addition to cabinets, here are other popular elements of a garage organization solutions:

  • Open shelves of various sizes and at various heights
  • Shelving units
  • Overhead racks
  • Bike racks
  • Workbenches
  • Hooks, hangars, baskets, bins 
  • Slat wall systems
  • Lighting

Just keep in mind that if you have open storage, you ought to ideally organize your clutter in boxes or baskets so that it is protected and looks neat.

Each family’s needs are individualized as is the size of the garage. If you are a water sports fan, you may have surf boards, inflatables and other gear. The winter sports fan with have a lot of ski or other winter sports gear. The gardening enthusiast may have gardening supplies to store. Families with small children will have toys, cycles and hundreds of miscellaneous items that need to be stored. A handyman or carpenter hobbyist will have to store many tools and wood and probably need a working area as well. You may be an auto aficionado and prefer working on your car or restoring a vintage or old model. So you can customize your garage to suit your requirements, not forgetting how the right flooring, paint and lighting can add to the garage décor.

Depending on the amount of space in your garage, you can maximize its usage and get the space that you always wanted, having a neat and clutter free garage using an appropriate garage storage solution.

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