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So You Want an Fancy Garage Makeover

Posted by Mike Hammond on Mon, Oct 29, 2012 @ 05:07 AM

Fancy Garages Must Start with a Plan

Fancy garagefancy garage is all about what are you into. It can house a minivan, junk and garden tools or a garage can be a haven, a place to go when you need to escape into the world of torque wrenches or fitness equipment or simply a space that is well organized with enough storage for bikes, garden tools, household supplies and even room to park your cars.

The key is to put some planning into making the garage space useful and logically laid out. For starters, what do you plan to do in your garage? That will determine your space needs and layout. Set up your space correctly and your garage will provide years of utility and fun times.

If you plan to do lots of different things in your space, then set up your garage to be flexible by using rolling tool carts, benches, and stands. This is particularly useful for large garages with lots of vehicles inside. You can move your work area to the vehicle you are working on rather than having to move the car, truck or motorcycle into a fixed workspace.

Another recommended feature is a desk and rolling chair. This gives you a place to sit down to read your favoirte magazine, use your laptop or do fine work such as rebuilding carburetors. 

Jay Leno's Garage Makeover

Garage Ency teamed with the DIY Network's Garage Mahal and host Bill Goldberg to take on the King of Late Nite TV, Jay Leno's personal home garage mess.  Jay had three separate garage areas that needed attention. Just like many of us Jay let his garage get out of control and was ready to do smething about it.

Here are Before-After photos: 

 jay leno's garage makeover  - before     Jay leno garage makeover after resized 600

jay leno's liarary makeover before    Jay leno library makeover  after resized 600

Jay's garage tested the full range of Garage Envy's construction expertise and products lines. The centerpiece of the new garage had to be the special turntable installed to showcase cars from Jay's extensive care collection.

Other elements of the project included cabinetry, lighting, a remodeled bathroom, new garage door openers, flooring, workbenches and a neat laser parking aide that guides you so you can park your car to the exact parking spot every time. 

Watch Jay give a personal tour of his newly remodeled home garage spaces wth Garage Envy Co-founders Jaime Dietenhofer and Scott Siler

Click Here to  watch the Full Garage Mahal episode (appox 30min) and see all the details about Jay Leno's Project....... Jay is very funny     

Extremely Fancy Garages

But for a car enthusiast and collector, a garage can be more than just a place to keep a car. Being the place where his favorite toys are, he spends a lot of time there and wants to show-off and be proud of it. Some affluent homeowners have taken it to an extreme

An amazing garage of a $24 miliion Arizona estate is equipped to house 20 cars and also includes a $400,000 show garage with vintage gas pumps, a gleaming, '50s-style checked floor, and art-deco columns and lighting.

An eight-car garage in an Las Vegas $8.75 million home is another ultimate place to park cars. The climate-controlled garage (climate control helps protect valuable vintage vehicles from mildew, rust and fading) features hardwood flooring, a wall-hung flat-screen TV and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

A $6.5 million Corona Del Mar, Calif. house has a 10 car climate-controlled, 2,100-square-foot garage comes with custom-made cabinets and humidity control. The 7,500-square-foot, eight-bedroom house has a view of the golf course and of the ocean.

Realtors estimate the presence of a simple two-car garage in a home raises its value several thousand dollars; an amazing garage adds many thousands of dollars worth of value, depending on how much money went into the garage itself.

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