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Epoxy Garage Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Posted by Mike Hammond on Thu, Oct 18, 2012 @ 01:23 PM

Epoxy Garage Floor Cleaning Products

High Gloss Polymer Flooring

The garage floors coatings we install are extremely durable and resistant to many common "mess makers". However no garage floor can avoid dust, dirt, and grime build up over time.

Maintenance is much easier because items won't stick to the chemically resistant garage floor coating. Don't be fooled by inferior look-alikes that are really just paint. There's a big difference!

If you are someone that cleans the garage floor weekly then our cleaning tips may not apply, however we all know that garage floor cleaning and maintenance may happen only a couple times a year. We recommend two great products for cleaning your floor for when you do find the time to clean the garage floor:  Simplegreen ™ and CLR ™

Both have their unique qualities and both can be used for your common grime/dirt buildup. We recommend you use the following instructions:

1.) Simplegreen™ with Original or Lemon Scent Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner:

  • Use a 1:10 solution of Simple Green and water.
  • Apply by spraying in sections and scrub with a non-abrasive brush or sponge mop.
  • Follow with a thorough rinse to insure a residue free finish.
  • Wipe dry with a lint free cloth or towel or let air dry

2.) CLR™

  • CLR can be used for your heavier residues (not oil see below) and mineral buildup.
  • In a well-ventilated area while wearing household rubber gloves and standing on a non-slip surface, mix equal amounts of CLR and warm water.
  • Test the solution on a hidden area before applying to the entire surface. Apply directly to the calcium, lime or rust stain with a brush, cloth or sponge and rinsepromptly with cold, clean water.
  • Never leave CLR on an area for longer than two minutes. If the stain does not disappear, use CLR full strength and then wipe and rinse promptly with cold, clean water.
  •  Never mix CLR with other household cleaners or bleach and never reuse   the bottle.

CLR™ will not remove oil from a concrete driveway or garage floor. If CLR is mixed with oil, it will darken the concrete, which is very difficult to remove. To remove oil from concrete or blacktop, try the product CLR® Grease Magnet.

Types of Garage Floor Materials

epoxy Garage flooring

Rubber Garage Flooring Tiles






Epoxy garage floors provide a skid-free surface that is easy to clean. The seamless surface resists dirt and bacteria. Epoxy also provides a chemically resistant surface that will not peel like a painted floor. We have a multitude of garage flooring products. Our two most popular options are:

  • Liquid Granite Hybrid Polymer Flooring
  • Tuff Tracks.

Garage Envy's Liquid Granite is the most complete coating system in the industry. Liquid Granite is a multilayer application. The option to add color to the epoxy makes it a welcome decorative accent for any garage. Combining vapor barrier components, epoxy coatings, vinyl chips and polyurea sealants. The chemical properties of epoxy flooring adhere tightly to a garage floor that has been properly prepared.  Your floor will become resistant to oils, gasoline, paints and other items that are so often the demise of a clean garage.

Tuff Tracks™, which interlock and can be laid out in any formation in different color configurations.

Regardless of which garage floor ideas you finally decide upon, be assured that our garage design specialists have tons of garage remodeling ideas.  Let your imagination run free and you'll develop your own garage remodeling ideas to complement your hobbies, your lifestyle, your artistic talents, or your inner child. Thank you very much for considering us for your garage remodeling needs.

If you're ready to upgrade the appearance of your garage, contact one of our consultants at Garage Envy. We'll update your garage with the right garage flooring system for you.

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