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3 Things to Get Rid of in Your Garage

Posted by Mike Hammond on Thu, Jul 25, 2019 @ 07:40 AM

It’s easy for the garage to turn into the catch-all for the rest of the house. Is something broken but still salvageable? Used but not used up? Potentially valuable but not especially useful right now? These all sound like items that might wind up in the average home garage.

Just because something finds its way to the garage doesn’t mean that it belongs there. In fact, some items that might commonly find their way into the garage really should be removed, for safety or other reasons. Take a look at some things that may be in your garage of which you should dispose. 

Propane Tanks

Garage space filled with items.

Propane tanks don’t seem like an obvious hazard to many homeowners, especially if you’re also storing a gas can or two. While gasoline can be safely stored in the garage as long as you use an appropriate container and keep it off the floor in a safe location, propane tanks run the risk of leaking and igniting. They need to be stored in a well-ventilated outdoor area for maximum safety. 

Old Fireworks

If you didn’t get to use all of your fireworks on July 4th, storing them in the garage for later use can seem like a good idea at the moment. Depending on the laws and regulations in your area, you may not be able to use them when you want to, and after awhile they’re just a hazard, not a potentially fun display. 

If you have old fireworks in your garage and you can’t use them – or you’re not sure if they’re still usable – you need to dispose of them safely. Start by soaking them in a bucket of water until they’re completely saturated – at least 15 minutes, or as much longer as necessary. When they’re completely waterlogged, drain the water, remove the fireworks and place them into sealable plastic bags to contain the moisture (double bag if necessary) and throw them away. Don’t try to save this year’s unused fireworks for next year. 

Pet Food and Supplies

Organized and clean garage space.

It’s not unsafe to store pet food in your garage, but it may be unwise. Just like human food, pet food sends a beacon to pests and rodents. If your pet will eat it, rest assured that rats and roaches will too. Unopened canned pet food may be a safer bet, but garage conditions can affect the cans and eventually the quality of the food as well. 

It may seem convenient to store Fido’s and Fluffy’s food and other supplies in the garage, but you’re better off finding a good place within the household for these items. Keeping them out of the garage is better for your pet and prevents pests from finding a new home in your garage and then following the trail into your house. 

Keeping your garage clean, organized, and safe can be a big job. For more great garage renovation ideas, schedule your free design consultation today.


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