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3 Garage Tips to Keep Your Car in Showroom Shape

Posted by Mike Hammond on Mon, Aug 28, 2017 @ 10:47 AM

Keeping your car in great shape takes more than just knowing how to maintain your car. The place where you store your car matters too. It doesn’t matter how carefully you drive or how often you change the oil, if your garage has a moisture problem, you may still see rust develop on your car. Your garage is not just a place to store your car, it should also be a structure that protects your car. Take a look at some tips that can help you ensure that your garage is a good place to store a showroom-worthy vehicle. 

Moisture Control

Car driving through a puddle

Keeping moisture away from your car is important, but garages can be damp places, especially if you have wet winters or humid summers. Take some steps to keep your garage dry. You may want to consider installing an electric heater and air conditioner to help control the climate and humidity in your garage. If you do install heat or air, avoid heating and air solutions that create water vapor, like propane heaters.

You can use wall insulation to create a vapor barrier in your garage, which will help keep moisture out. Be sure not to use insulation on the ceiling, however, because that can trap moisture inside. When it comes to your garage ceiling, check the insulation and make sure that any vents are clean, so that air can flow through efficiently. 

Dust Deterrence

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Too much dust can wreak havoc on your car’s paint job, especially if you store the car for long periods of time, like a whole winter. Unfortunately, garages can be particularly dusty places. Make sure that you clean your garage regularly, especially if you’re storing lots of items that dust can settle on. 

A major cause of dust in the garage is concrete dust from the floors. You can solve this problem by having your garage floors sealed or having a polymer garage floor installed. Not only will this prevent dust, it will also help prevent moisture from the floor area. 

If you have heat or AC in your garage, make sure that you change any air filters in your HVAC equipment regularly. When the filters get too full, they’ll spill dust into the air. If you don’t have heating or cooling equipment in your garage, you might want to consider installing an air filtration system to keep the dust down. 

Scratch and Ding Prevention

Your garage is probably storing more than just your car. It’s a handy place for all kinds of items, from tools to furniture to home decorations. But the more things that you store in your garage, the better the chances your car will eventually get scratched or dented when something gets too close to it. 

Good garage organization can prevent garage damage. Have some shelves and cabinets installed to store boxes or tools, so that they can be put away a safe distance from your garage. Use racks and ceiling storage to safely keep bikes and scooters safe in the garage but away from your car. 

A garage makeover is good for more than just your garage, it’s good for your vehicle as well. Contact us for a free design consultation and estimate.

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