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3 Garage Maintenance Tips for Summer

Posted by Mary Johnson on Wed, Jul 17, 2019 @ 08:25 AM

The summer months are a good time to get to projects that you’ve been putting off or haven’t been able to find time for previously. Maybe you want to tune up your car, repair a piece of furniture, or hold a garage sale.

For many projects that you need to do at home, your garage plays an important role. While you’re contemplating projects that you can do in your garage this summer, it’s also important to consider summertime garage maintenance. Your garage is subject to more temperature fluctuations and harsher conditions than other areas of your home, and seasonal maintenance can help you keep your garage in good shape so that you can use it for whatever other projects you need to complete. 

Take a look at some helpful garage maintenance tips for summer. 

Windows and DoorsGarage interior.

Take the time to check any windows and doors in your garage for signs of damage. Temperature fluctuations in the garage can cause single-pane glass windows to crack, and you’ll want to have any cracked glass replaced before it breaks. Otherwise, you risk anything from unwanted pests to thieves finding their way into your garage. 

Check doors to make sure that they open and close properly. Wooden doors should be examined for signs of rot. This is also a good time to give dirty doors and windows a good cleaning. 

Insulation and Weather-Stripping

Most garages aren’t climate controlled, but you can prevent extreme temperature fluctuations inside of the garage with good insulation. If your garage is already insulated, then this is a good time to check on the insulation and make sure that it’s holding up well. If your garage is not insulated, then this is a good time to consider installing it. Fiberglass, cellulose, spray foam, and injection foam are all popular choices for garage insulation.

You’ll also want to check on your weather-stripping. Weather-stripping helps prevent moisture from getting into the garage during wet weather. Over time, your weather-stripping can dry out and crack, becoming ineffective. Take the time to examine the weather stripping around the windows, garage door, and any other doors and replace it if it’s started to become dry or if you see cracks. 

Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door.

Your garage door is probably the biggest thing that needs maintenance in your garage. Check to see that it raises and lowers properly and listen for squeaks or squeals that indicate a need for attention. Lubricate the tracks, rollers, and hinges with a lubricant that’s specifically made for garage door use. 

If your garage door isn’t opening or closing properly, or if you see other signs that the spring needs to be repaired, call in a garage door repair company for help. Garage door springs are under intense pressure and working with them can be dangerous. Untrained homeowners should never attempt to replace or repair a garage door spring on their own. 

For more information on keeping your garage in great shape throughout the year, schedule your free design consultation.

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