Mobile Work Stations And Benches

Are you looking for Corner Bench Suppliers in South California? Contact Garage Envy immediately.

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Whether you’re looking for an expansive corner bench that could double as your office, or a tool area to tinker on occasion, Garage Envy has a solution right for you.

Using 1-½” Michigan Maple for durability (stainless steel and Formica are also available), we can customize the sturdiest workbench on the market as either a fixed unit or a rolling work station.

Rolling units are equipped with heavy-duty, full swivel, 3-1/2” lockable casters, allowing you to work in or outside of the garage.

Bench Dimensions

  • Standard bench dimensions are 25″ deep; custom-bench depths can be as deep as 36” or as shallow as preferred.
  • Standard lengths start at 24“ and extend to 144”. Custom lengths can be ordered and modified on site.
  • Our Michigan Maple bench surfaces are clear maple, straight grain, knot free and UV coated. Solid benches can be affixed to the wall or free-standing.
  • Our free-standing steel legs are adjustable to accommodate all uses.

Bench Materials

  • 1” thick Melamine (various colors).
  • 1 ½” substrate with HPL surface and edge (High Pressure Laminate).
  • 1 ½” Solid Michigan Maple work surface / UV coated.
  • 1 ½” substrate with 1/8” Brushed Stainless Steel Cap.