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As the cold, wet weather approaches, finding the best way to safely store your bicycle becomes a priority. If you have a garage, storing your bicycle or bicycles there is

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The home garage is where you park your car, store your stuff, and, for some, it is a retreat; a place to workout or relax. Home garages have become a

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Your closets are overflowing, perhaps even your bedroom has become a haven for an array of “stuff”, from suitcases to sports gear. In your kitchen, the cupboards are full to

6 Ways to Improve Your Garage in 2016

With a new year come a new slate of resolutions–naturally. According to some statistics, 40% to 45% of all Americans make a new year’s resolution. The goal of many: improvement.

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Going green has been a popular topic in recent years, and most people are familiar with the term. But how much do we really know about what it takes to

How to Handle Snow Melt in Your Garage

Snow, a beautiful weather occurrence that can produce picturesque landscapes and serene evenings. However, there is a counterpart to everything in life, and one of the downsides of snow is

4 Ways to Keep Order in Your Garage During the Winter

The chill of winter can wreak havoc on more aspects of life than you might initially think. You garage can easily fall victim to snow melt, ice, and other negative

3 Great Takeaways from Celebrity Garages

Let’s face it, the world is fascinated by celebrities and things celebrities have. People considered to have fame are approximately 1 in 10,000 of the English speaking population, making them

Cleaning Out Your Garage? Make Sure You Plan Your Attack First

80% of home clutter is a result of disorganization and not a lack of space. A garage is certainly no exception to this, as many of us use our garages