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Dream Garage Idea Center

Storage Fanatic

The storage fanatic’s dream come true features wall-to-wall premium cabinets to store more than 400 pairs of shoes! With a mobile dresser and Liquid Granite floor, the garage is a luxurious dressing room. [Read More]

Premium Cabinets

Garage Envy’s modern cabinet designs and superior hardware offer beauty, strength and functionality. Industrial grade materials and solid-backed cabinets provide structural integrity and allow for mounting to blemished drywall, open studs or solid block walls. [Read More]

Active Family

Create a neat & well organized garage with our unique Garage organization ideas. For the active family, a garage is a busy hub just like the kitchen … with people coming and going all the time, grabbing what they need.. [Read More]

Modular WallScape TM

Garage Envy’s patented WallScape™ transforms walls into complete storage systems for tools, bikes, garden equipment and every other garage item you can imagine. Unlike flimsy slat wall systems, WallScape™ is waterproof, fire-resistant, UV protected and unbelievably strong. [Read More]