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Overhead Loft Ceiling Storage

Garage Storage Solutions

Utilize that wasted space above your cars! Transform your garage with loft style shelving.

Need more storage in your garage? Transform your garage with unique styles for garage storage & shelving.

Decorations, moving boxes, luggage and even unused furniture are common items blamed for stealing premium floor and parking space in the garage. Garage Envy solves this problem with heavy-duty overhead storage lofts.

Maximizing unused ceiling space, overhead lofts allow homeowners to capture otherwise wasted storage space overhead.

Made with square-frame galvanized steel, each industrial-grade loft holds 500 pounds of stuff — amazing!

Overhead lofts are approximately 48" x 50" and are adjustable from 18" to 26" in depth... Gain up to 38 cubic feet of storage per unit. Overhead lofts can easily be connected to create continuous storage and to store extra-long items overhead.

Utilize that wasted space above your cars!

Overhead Surfboard Ceiling Storage

Manual Storage Hoists

Overhead Storage Solutions