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Garage Makeover Winner - LA's Messiest Garage is in Orange County

Posted by Mike Hammond on Mon, Oct 29, 2012 @ 05:00 AM

Mission Viejo Garage Makeover - Garage Dream Comes True

los angeles messiest garageNo one likes to have their messy garage pointed out, but in this case, Janice Hammon of Mission Viejo wasn’t embarrassed when asked about having the messiest garage in Los Angeles. PODS Los Angeles teamed up with Garage Envy, CBS Los Angeles, KNX 1070 and KFWB 980 to award one lucky winner with a FREE garage makeover and storage system during the transformation in their recent contest to find L.A.’s messiest garage. Radio station listeners were encouraged to upload photos of their grimy garages on the website where the community could vote for their favorite.

“There were a lot of garages submitted in the contest that needed a garage makeover and some serious cleaning,” said Jamie Dietenhofer, founder and co-executive of Garage Envy, Inc. “After taking a closer look at the Hammon’s home, it was clear how much it would mean to their family to have a garage renovation and give them a fresh start.”

Both the mess and the cleanup process have been a full family effort. Hammon’s daughter, 23, heard about the contest on the radio and submitted a photo of the family’s garage in all its messy glory, hoping for help with their garage oganization crisis.

The real motivation for the cleanup is Hammon’s husband who is a  car fanatic and a remote control car collector. Taking up one third of the garage is a well-preserved Plymouth Barracuda which remains carefully covered to protect it from the surrounding clutter.

“Our garage is definitely a man cave,” said Hammon. “I’m looking forward to giving my husband an area where he can have the elbow room to work on his cars and we can also enjoy spending time with him in a well organized garage .”

Hammon and her family first moved into their home in 1987 before their daughter was born. “Our garage is full of 24 years of collecting and storing items we never could get rid of,” said Hammon.

“When we saw the Hammon’s garage, I knew what a fun challenge this would be,” said Tim Preston, general manager of PODS Los Angeles. “PODS is proud to be donating storage for this family and we are all eager to see the finished product.”

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