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5 Reasons to Invest in Quality Garage Cabinets

Garage cabinets

If you're like most homeowners, you're always on the lookout for new ways to improve upon your living space. One area of your home which may offer unexplored potential? Your garage. Read on for five reasons why investing in premium garage cabinets can not only improve your living space, but also your overall quality of life.

1. Functionality

Square footage is a sought after commodity for many homeowners, many of whom are priced out of expensive additions and remodels. Installing quality garage cabinets is a simple and affordable way to increase your living space without draining your bank account.

Whether you've always dreamed of a meditation room or a woodshop, garage cabinets and other heavy-duty storage furniture pieces can help bring your vision to life while enhancing the livability of your home.

High quality garage cabinets transform an empty space into a storage sanctuary.

Dare to Dream: How Your Garage Can Match Your Imagination


If your garage is merely a repository for the overflow from your kitchen, living room, bedrooms and beyond, you're missing out on a major opportunity. Your garage doesn't have to be a place where your old stuff goes to die; in fact, it can be a place where your dreams come to life...with the right planning and resources, of course. Here's what you need to know.

From Modest Makeover...

Perhaps you lack the time, money or resources to pull off a full-on garage redo at this point in time. If so, you're not alone. But just because you're not ready for a giant leap doesn't mean you can't take a step in the right direction.

Stop for a minute and think about what's currently occupying space in your garage. Do you need it? Do you use it? Before your imagination can go wild, a reality check is in order. After all, you can only make use of the space if it's free and clear of the clutter that occupies most garages. Set aside a day to triage the contents of your garage, removing everything and sorting it into keep, discard and donate piles. (It pays to be ruthless when inventorying your garage: when in doubt, throw it out.)

Casino night in your garage? Don't just dream it; do it!

If Your Garage Could Talk, This Would Be Its New Year's Resolutions


If your garage could talk, would you want to hear what it had to say? Probably not, if yours is anything like the majority of overworked, underappreciated household catch-alls. Why not show your garage some love and help it have its best year yet in 2015. How? By setting some New Year's resolutions on its behalf.

1. "I want to minimize clutter and maximize space."

If your garage is full of cast-offs from inside your home, now is the time to take back your space. A thorough de-cluttering can not only free up valuable square footage, but can also lead to a greater sense of satisfaction and self-confidence. When clutter takes over, it drains our personal resources in many ways -- time, energy and even health.


Apple May Not Have Started in a Garage, But Your Business Can


Of the many legends surrounding software innovator Apple, only one is accompanied by the sheen of motor oil: that the company was started in Steve Jobs' garage. The only problem with this notion? It may or may not be true: according to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, no actual design work took place in the garage. Regardless of the specifics, one thing holds true: the spirit of collaboration was alive and well in that Palo Alto garage. And with the right makeover, your business can also get a boost from transforming your garage into a studio, workshop or other office space. Here are some things to keep in mind when starting your own garage-based enterprise.

Heavy-Duty Premium Garage Cabinets Can Solve Your Storage Woes

Garage cabinets

What good are garage cabinets if they can't hold all of your belongings? While your first instinct may be to skimp on garage furniture and choose the cheapest and lightest cabinets and storage pieces, you are likely doing yourself a serious injustice in the long run. Read on to learn why heavy-duty premium garage cabinets, engineered to turn your storage woes into storage wonders, are an essential component of successful garage makeovers.

Does Your Car Have the Garage it Deserves?


Your car is one of your biggest investments. It may also be your baby, your pride and joy, and your heart's delight. But would you keep your beloved baby out in the elements day and night? Probably not. So why aren't you housing your car with the same level of care and attention? Read on to learn more about how mindful garage makeovers can help you create the dream home for your dream car.

5 Items You Should Never Store in Your Garage

Items you should never store in your garage

Think garage space is a free-for-all in terms of what you can safely store there? Think again. While your first instinct may be to stow your overflow, unused or out-of-season stuff here, putting these five items in your garage is a domestic no-no.

Garage Makeover: What Makes a Great Mancave?

Garage makeover

Not all men are created equally; neither are all man caves. And while there's no such thing as the perfect man cave, many do share common attributes. If you're thinking about making over your garage into a man cave, here are some things to keep in mind.

Why a Great Garage Makeover isn't Just a Man Thing

Empty Garage before garage makover

Man caves may get all the buzz, but the fact is that women make up approximately 52 percent of the population. So shouldn't they have equal claim on the garage? Here are some ways women are taking back the garage with female-friendly makeovers of their own.

6 Ways to Get More Storage Space Out of Your Garage

Storage space out of your garage

A whopping 80 percent of the clutter in today's homes is not caused by lack of space, but by lack of organization, according to the National Association of Household Cleaners. Garages are usually the worst offenders -- a catch-all for the cast-offs of the rest of the house. Rather than sacrifice your garage to the clutter, implement these six techniques for maximizing your storage space and -- ultimately -- taking back your garage.

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